Remus Lupin

Digital drawing of Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series. 


WIP - The Doctor

I asked my sister what to draw next, and being a major Doctor Who fan that is of course what she suggested. So here is a WIP on David Tennant who plays the tenth incarnation of the Doctor. Not yet finished, but I feel like I need to keep posting something here so my blog won´t die out again.

I need ideas for people to draw because this is so much fun!! :D


Improving my skills

I've always wanted to improve my photoshop skills, but I've never really taken the time to sit down to watch tutorials and try.

I finally did the other day, and I feel I learned so much!! Will definetly do more like this!

The drawing is based on this portrait.


lovely things + a tip from me to you

I won, I won! I never win anything! :p I won the new Jane Eyre adaption on DVD at Annettes blog.
I love the story, and I must say that they did a great job with the new adaption of it. Check out the trailer here.

Over to something completely different. You`ve propably heard of iherb.com while browsing the web. Its all over the blogosphere, and espesially on all the various fitness/health blogs. Im not a health freak, but I though I would share a few faves anyway.

1. Im a lip balm fanatic, but I never seem to find cheap lip balms that actually work. Ive tried several from iherb, and so far I love them all! And they are soooo cheap! They cost like 2 or 3 dollars. (mellom 10-20 NOK.) Check them out here.

2. A wonderful facemask. It does the job, CHEAP (23 NOK) and the last one I bought lasted me a year! I love it! Check it out here, and read product reviews.

3. I actually thought this was a lip balm, but its a stick moisturizer. Strong cocoa butter smell, but I like the smell. Really nice if you have sensitive skin. (11 NOK) Check it out here. Cute and fun!! (way bigger than it looks on the picture)

4. This magic sugar cured my migranes! It looks like brown sugar, but tastes almost a little like caramel. Sooo good! I use it instead of white sugar, and it does wonders for my headaches! Check it out here.

5. This organic snack bar is so tasty! I bring them to school, and its a great alternative to other unhealthy stuff that I usually end up bying because Im hungry and crave sugar. Check it out here.

And now to the best part. If you`r a first time costumer on iherb, you get a 5 dollar discount with this coupon code: DAC512 on your first order.

You can get the shipping as low as 4 dollars. Thats like NOTHING! Just remember to keep your order below 200 NOK, so you dont have to pay taxes when shipping to Norway.

Happy shopping!


A post!!

Den er ikke ferdig enda, men siden det skortet litt på innlegg her så legger jeg den ut. Fremdeles veldig røff og ja... uferdig. :) Tror jeg skal la denne være litt Cartoon-ish.

Ellers går dagene til å være syk, lese til eksamen som nærmer seg faretruende fort og planlegge julegaver! For nå er det ikke to måneder til jul engang! :D

Translation: An unfinishined drawing, but my blog sorley needed an update so here you go.

Have a lovely day!


Food for thought

Sorry, cant remember where I found this.


Oh my

I was trying out some changes in my blog design and accidentally hit "save", and now I cant remember exactly how it used to be. :( So for now, it is what it is until I can find the time to fix it.

Anyways, this weekend I was out and about in with the best of friends, in georgous autumn weather, taking pictures! Can it get any better?