Heavy - For illustration Friday

This weeks IF-topic was Heavy, and this is all I could come up with. Poor guy... I guess we girls can be pretty demanding sometimes.


pupu said...

Hahaha.. This is funny! I think she is pretty heavy. :D I like it.

Eivind said...

Haha, nydelig Linda ... og jeg har en bitteliten følelse av at det mannemennesket ligner litt på meg :P

To dager igjen ... i morgen kommer jeg hjem (:

Laurieloo said...

You can't diss your own gender! We are dissed enough as it is!!!
Hehehe, I actually find it very chuckle-worthy, although I dont have much sympathy for the guy! Its just THE RULE!
Loveya hun, Laurie.
P.s. What kinda shoes are they!?!?! (:

Anonymous said...

i really like your idea about that heavy topic ! i like the way you draw in just black and white.
i deleted your comment about my work by mistake! I have some much issues to understand how this all blog thing works! sorry!

Dr. Jeff said...

Gelly legs.

She ain't heavy - she's his wife.