Leap - For Illustration Friday

Finally! I`ve been thinking about drawing for IF for weeks and weeks, but I just never seem to have time.
This weeks topic was "Leap." I guess he is sorta leaping... in a way. :)
Was listening to Frank Sinatra while drawing. Gotta love him!

Click it!


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for checking out my blog. :)

You have some real nice work here too.

Haben sie einen gotten Tag.!


Muffin said...

wow, har du lagd denne helt selv? Utrolig kul! digger ansiktet hans, og balansen og bevegelsen er kjempekul!
Du bare MÅ tegne masse, du blir jo rågod! :D

Tone Elisabeth said...

Jeg digger dobbelthaka ;))))
Kult at uuuuu-formene går igjen overalt. Sprøtt hvor flinke søstre jeg har. :D

Linda said...

Mette: Tusen takk!! It means a lot coming from you!! :)

Tone: Hehe.. Takk takk! Nå er det egentlig skjegg da. :p Men da vet jeg hvordan jeg IKKE skal tegne skjegg neste gang! :) Tusen takk for kommentarer!! Løv ju guys!

Laurieloo said...

Gaaah... just to much norwegain! Even though, of course, I understand absolutly everything, its about time I did some more commenting. Haha, nearly forgot the word then. But yeh, with reguard to this post, seriously Linda, did you do this all on your own? How long did it take?!
I love it, specially if it has anything to do with Frankie!
Lotsa luv from me, Was so nice 2 seeya at the conf! Sorry I just rushed off, but I nearly missed the bus. I hate saying goodbye aswell, its just heartbreaking, so i try to skip it:( Well, missing you.... Affectionatly, Lauriexx

Muffin said...

hey laurie! you know where you find my blog, girl. ;P

Linda said...

Laurie: Heya! Yeah I did it all by myself. :) Dunno, I think I used around one and a half or two hours maybe. Cant remember really... But thanks a lot for the comment! I was actuallt thinking about you when I made it. Dunno why? Hmmm.. maybe cause your like.. obsessed with old Frank Sinatraish music? Hehe! Its really cool tough!! I got hooked the last few weeks! Ok,I`ll go and write the rest on your blog sinse this is starting to look more like a mail. :) Love ya!!