Vain Horsie

I cleaned up my room the other day and found a huge stack of old drawings and sketches, so I scanned a couple of of them and redid them in photoshop. Here`s a vain horse for you all to enjoy! Way back from my "madly in love with horses" days.

Click for a bigger version.


Laurieloo said...

Hahahahaha.... vain horses!!! I LOVE it.
So glad you told me about your blog! And your job (note the sarcasm!)
You didn't tell me you be gettin no job! Whats that all about. Ahh, you see, it is how I predicted, you are starting to forget me!
hehe, jus joshin, Ill be seeing you soon, in fact tomorow i suspect, and lets see if u get this on time. Ill meet u tomoro evening in the coffee bar, at 7pm sharp. Nah, this'll never work, Ill jus txt u I guess. Cant wait:)
Love Laurie.

Linda said...

Thanks Loo!! :) Umm Job? Whats this J-O-B of witch you speak of?
No, in fact i applied for a job yeasterday, but I havent heard anything from them yet.
And I guess you just know me too well!! You knew this was gonna happen.. I`m such a lazy ass! And I loving it!! Thats the worst part... I enjoy just being home, drawing and eating and getting fat. Haha!

Tone Elisabeth said...

I love it :)
Kommenterte på fjesboka, men kan jo kommentere her og!

Linda said...

Tænk ju! :)