Do not disturb please!

Ah... What is better than curling up on the couch with a good book?
Wait till no ones home, make some tea or coffe or whatever makes you happy (in my case its hot choclate^^), grab a book and you have the recepie for a perfect evening!


Anonymous said...

would have been quicker with http://www.fastertorrent.co.uk/

Linda Cecilie said...

Did it download slowly? Works fine on my pc.

Eivind said...

Linda, anonymous bedriver søppelposting.

Du skulle tegne meg du, så ender du opp med dette? Skjerp deg!

Dr. Jeff said...

Very MS Word-ish.

Minabird said...

Sounds very nice....I love the no one home part. sometimes that can get crazy.
love ya,