Clutter - For Illustration Friday

You know it is time to clean your room when:
- You need a map to find you desk
- You are sharing your bed with "all this stuff! You dont even know what it is!"
- You dont remember what color your floor is or wether it is wood or carpet
- Your mum wont go nowhere near your room
- Yor chair has turned into a pile of clothes.

What to do if this happens:
A) You CLEAN! Gaah... :S
B) You give up trying to find your way in there. Whatever it was you where going to find probably wasnt so important after all.
C) You keep your clutter organized, so you always know that your red jumper is right under those pair of sneakers behind that box over there. :p


ahmil said...

(c) Sounds like my kind of organizing. Great Sketch.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Great illustration and line. She's got lots of work to do for real!

lavandula said...

what a mess
just like my room this morning :)

Betty på mønet said...

He he, and I must say that you steal a lot of inspiration lately from your own life..;)I've known you for almost 21 years, and this is just like reading about your room... hehe:P

INDIGENE said...

Hmmm...you must know my daughter! This would be clean to her! Wonderful imagery.


Hilde said...

hehe, jeg kjenner meg igjen!