Just another older pic just to say that Im still hanging in there.... just cant find my drawingboard pen!! I know Im nagging about it, but it really is true PAIN!


Metten said...

Nice drawing, linda. :) I really like her dress and hair. Find that pen or order a new one. :P

Rick said...

Look under your pillow. Maybe the Tooth Fairy left it there.

Nice drawing. I can feel the wind sweeping cross my computer.

Dr. Jeff said...

Jeg har lett. Den er ikke her i Hamar.
Sett i pennalet?

Laurieloo said...

Boo!!! She has small feet. An allotta hair! (good to feel your not alone in that sometimes:)
Anyway, hehe, I know you must be missing me, I mean I know I would be if I hadnt heard from me in like half a year!!! Sorry!
A word of advice about your pen....why dont you put a reward out for it?
Speak soon honey, miss you tons!