Sugary-For Illustration Friday

This weeks topic for IF is Sugary.

Altough I am OVERJOYED to tell that I finally got photoshop and Illustrator again, I still have bad news... I cant find the pen for my drawingboard! Whats up with that? Its so retarded! So I am forced to keep uploading old stuff. Witch really sucks!

This girls name is Pauline and is copyrighted to my friend Therese who is going to write a childrens book about her one day. Its gonna rock, I know!! Its a quick sketch I did while we were talking about what she would look like.


Thea said...

DU ER SÅ GENIAL ALTSÅ LINDA.... Pauline(casablanca) er så søt der... Nå er det bare å begynne å skrive...:)

Ha en flott dag kjære venn

Dr. Jeff said...

Åhå! Genial!
De leggene! Beinstillinga! Helt slik det er i verkjelegheita.