Things I look forward too in 2009

1. I decided to learn an instrument! Either the guitar or the saxophone. I`m ready to jazz things up a bit!!
2. SPRING! Probably my favourite season. The snow melts, flowers bloom...
3. Going to England in may for Loo`s wedding!!
4. Summer! And to be done with the first year at College!!
5. Starting building at....

6. Aaand... I`m actually looking forward to christmas next year! Stressful as it is I still love it!

I wish you all the best in 2009!

Remember, each day is a gift from God, so dont waist it! :)


Linda said...

Hvis du skal lære deg sax så skal jeg jasså meg ta opp klarinetten. Etter 10 års dvale.
Punktum. Finale.

Linda Cecilie said...

YAY! Linda og Linda i musikken!

maicher said...
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