Working hard!

SO MUCH TO DO!! Its crazy! So you may ask, how does she have the time to blog? Well, I have to do something to keep myself from going crazy. Yesterday I sat the entire day sewing, and I swear that sowing machine works agains me on purpose! Alright, I know I cant complain because I do have the best homework I could ever ask for. It just takes time... Time, witch I dont have to much of these days. Blah... sorry I just needed to get it out. :) I`m good now! Hehe!

My work space... The sacred, holy place! :p

One of my attempts to get my mind of the assignment for 10 minutes... Sandra was a great support! :)

The actual assignment.... you see that white fabric? Well, it dissapears in water so all that will be left is the black threads and it will (I hope) kinda look like a shawl or something in the end...

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Muffin said...

Det ble skikkelig stilig. :) åh jeg og vil gå på kule-skolen. :P
Digget forresten de perlene!