My shop

Yes... MY shop! Haha! Feels wierd and great to say that! Anyways... I`ve registered at Etsy and created my own little webshop where I`ll be putting up a few of the things I make.

Click the picture below to go there!

This shawl was my very first sale at Etsy, so I had to put a picture up. Its Mohair yarn knitted on very thick knitting pins so it has a great, fluffy feel to it. This was shipped all the way to America!


ElinSire said...

Så morsomt! Jeg ønsker meg sånn selv, jeg :) I mykt, deilig garn. Og med pannebånd eller kanskje helst lue til.

ElinSire said...

Også sånne vanter i det innlegget litt lengre ned her -med sånn blomst på.

Tone - Love Eat Pray said...

jeg er stolt av deg!