Soup and all things good!

Hey you! If your still here....
Just wanted to say Im sorry for my lack of blogging these past few months.
I havent given up! Nope, nope! Just been taking a needed break!

School is back on track, and life is back to normal after a summer that went by to quickly.
Im making the most of it with lots of
hot chocolate, tomato soup, and cozy evenings with tea and good friends!
Blog you later!


eileen said...

Linda, I didn't know you had a blog! I like it very much! I love your style, you are very artistic. One thing I think you should improve on though, is don't diss your stuff! I am somewhat of an artist too, so I know the frustration of not getting something the way you see it in your head. And it's good to look at your work and see what you can improve on, but your only comments about your pieces shouldn't be ONLY negative! You do beautiful work! You should acknowledge the good parts as well as the bad! Anyways, miss our time on alaget together! Hope you are doing well. Miss you! :) <3 Eileen

Muffin said...

I agree with Eileen! :) Bare dumt å på en måte "forsikre seg" ved å peke på negative ting selv. You are so good! :)
Digger dette bildet. Seriøst - utrolig delikat, enda det er tomatsuppe! :P How strange is that.

Anyway. :) Love you!

Linda said...

Eileen: Hey you! So nice to hear from you! :D Im good thanks! Loving life...! :) How are you doing? Thanks so much for your comment, and yes its so true what you said. I dont know why I do it... Stupid really. Hehe! But I will be working on that I promise! Stop by anytime! Im super happy whenever someone new finds my blog! And I do love a comment! Hehe! Hope I get to see you again sometime soon. Would be awesome! Thanks for the amazing time on a-lag!

Mette: TOMATSUPPE ER GODT!! Hehe! Men takk! ;p