A common sight

We live three girls together, with tons of homework each,
so this is usually how we spend the evenings.
Quite the social gang dont you think? ;)

This is Betty who is being a very obedient student.
Messy and quick, just how I like it! :p


Sandy said...

Ey.. Så det var Betty med en gang;)

Hilde said...

Så bra Linda, sa faktisk med én gang at det var Bettina! :) Flink du

Betty boo said...

Næææ... Gjorde dere? Hm, noe kjent med håre der ja. Det var bra tegne på kort tid!

Og by the way, we don't spend ALL our evenings like that, luckily! :)

Verba said...

I LOVE this sketch! I was able to guess who it was before I saw the name.:) I found your blog through Teresa's site, and very much enjoy your entries. You are certainly very talented!