An update and new domain-name.

What? I havent blogged sinse november 2010 you say?

Gosh.... Time flies! Its not that I dont wanna blog, or that I dont have stuff to blog about. Its just.... you know... days go by and there isnt enough hours to get everything done!

There has been some changes here tough. I bought a domain name, witch is: www.l-inthesky.com. But the dum thing is that sinse you all acess my blog trough old links, it still shows at the old adress. :( Dunno what to do about it. Gotta ask my smart brothers!

But try acsessing the site with: ww.l-inthesky.com and it works! Yay!

Before christmas we had a school assignment in printmaking again. My key word was "Birds of prey," but after a while it sorta just centered around owls. Why? Because owls are awesome!

Here are some of the pics.

Etched owl in copperplate. KILLED my hand!!!

Owl: Mixed media. Basically woodcut)

Etched owl in copper.


Hopefully this was the start on a new blog era! :)


Polly said...

Welcome!!:)Koselig å ha deg tilbake...

Anonymous said...

Elsker ugler - skal kikke i uglekasser i til våren :D
Meeget spennende; slagugler angriper deg hvis den har unger i reiret. Kommer lydløst og plutselig, og med svære klør slår den deg i hodet med veldig kraft. Håh!