I fell for these!

By the danish Falby!

Btw... Kaffesøster means Coffee sister.
I am a sister (to quite a few actually. 8 sisters!!),
and I love coffee, so I guess this is the cup for me!
I think their adorable!


Anonymous said...

hei Linda, :)
I just discovered your blog today, two-three minutes ago, when I was searching for good pictures of 'høst' (the season, not the høst of Taake) ^-^
Well, I just want you to know that I have added you to my favourites after reading your 'profile' - Who am I?. I do appreciate very much this kind of person you are. Thus I must say I will keep one eye here, be sure I will.
Ah, are you relly called Linda??? In Portuguese, the word 'linda' is an adjective and means 'pretty', did you know? I am Rafael from Brazil, by the way, but my plans is to live and be a fisherman in Norway one day (rather as soon as I can)... maybe in Bergen, Trondheim or Lofoten, what I have in mind now, you see...so this is the purest essence of my little message to you. I dive into the culture et landscapes of your motherland! What more? Oh, my skin have the colour of most people in Norway, but I do not have those nice blue eyes all natives from Norway I know have ahhh. Ha det! :)
With Love,

Betty boo said...

Hei og hå... ;) NYDELIG med litt kaffes-ster-kopper i tårnet da! Det må jeg si. Har du bestil dem alt? Vi er jo "søstre" vi også da, kan man si.... :)

(Og hva skjer med vår venn over her...?)

Polly said...

Super-sweet..:) Lykke til med flytting, kjære venn. Gleder meg til å besøke deg i tårnet:)

Linda said...

Takk takk!! :) Gleder meg til besøk i tårnet Polly! ^^

Rafael: Thank you for kind words. :)
Its very cool that your so fasinated by norway.... and you should definintly come here. Lofoten is really breathtakingly beautiful!
Good luck with the norwegian. Hehe!