Thoughts on a wednesday

I really hate the fact that Im the biggest procastinator in the universe.

And I hate the fact that I use the word hate. I strongly dislike that word!

I secretly wish I had dimples and curls. I think its the most adorable thing ever!

I do feel slighly more depressed when it darkens at 3 pm, BUT it helps with hot chocolat and gingerbread coockies!

I love the fact that christmas is just around the corner!

"How to train you dragon" is the cutest film ever!

I can sit and stare and mope in awesomness for hours over all those amazingly talented artists out there in the blogosphere.

I really, really hope my muse will return soon. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder in this case.

Im thinking Im mad. Absolutley bonkers! But all the best people are. ;) (Im betting my neighbour thinks so too, after I was caught peeking out on them like a madman. Im innocent, but I bet it didnt look so good.) Oh, the trials we must endure. :)

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot! Im thinking that Im looking very much forward to going to London with the best girls ever! There will be shopping. There will be a musical. And I dare say there will be some dancing and singing and laughing in the London streets. *The Phaaaaantom of the Operaaa...*

Lots and lots of love from me!

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Muffin said...

you're not mad. :)